Prepare for Major Fashion and Makeup Inspo!

I spend so much time scrolling through Instagram, it’s my go-to place for when I’m in need of inspiration. I have so many screenshots in my camera roll of outfits I like as well as hair and makeup ideas. Today I thought I’d share my 10 favourite people I follow for major fashion and beauty inspo.

1. Lucy & Lydia
Lucy and Lydia’s Instagrams are probably my favourites to look at and keep up to date with. They’ve done so many amazing photo shoots and have so many holiday photo’s that give me serious wanderlust. I love their themes too.

I love watching her makeup tutorials on YouTube so I know I’m guaranteed to get some makeup inspo from her Instagram. She also has some amazing travel photos which make me wish I was on holiday.

I’ve loved Demi Lovato ever since she was in Camp Rock, she’s overcome a lot and she’s one of my biggest inspirations. She’s such a badass and has been posting some amazing pictures on Instagram lately celebrating body positivity and empowerment.

Victoria’s blog is one of the blogs that inspired me to start blogging again. Her photos are amazing on there and on her Instagram. I love how her feed is quite light with a bit of colour and her travel photo’s are also stunning.

Missguided had to be included on this list especially after their #MAKEYOURMARK campaign. Their Instagram has a whole host of empowering photos and quotes. I like how they’re not just using it to show what’s in store. 

6. Kelsey Simone
I love Kelsey’s style and her effortless hair and makeup looks, her theme is very monochrome which I love and everything she wears is on point.

7. Erin Henry
If you need motivation Erin’s Instagram is the place to go. I love her videos which I definitely recommend if you’re into business, organisation or just want to learn how to be a girlboss. Her Instagram is a great place to go for a quick motivation boost. 

8. Amanda Ensing
I love Amanda’s makeup and style. I’ve got so many of her makeup photo’s saved for inspiration. I also highly recommend you check out her youtube tutorials as well.

9. Sophia & Cinzia
These two have a joint Instagram as well as individual ones and they’re amazing. I’ve recently discovered their YouTube videos and I’m obsessed. I love both of their laid back but still on trend style and I also love their glowy makeup looks as well.

10. Amber Scholl
If you love sparkle and extraness then you’ll love Amber’s Instagram, her themes gold and black which I love and she also got me hooked on the Aden filter after I watched her ‘How I Edit my Instagrams‘ video. 

If you would like follow me on instagram you can here! Share your instagram below because I’m always looking for new people to follow and let me know who your favourite people to follow on instagram are as well!

xoxo – Alice
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