We’ve all had those moments when our blonde looks more brassy than ashy. When I first started going blonde I didn’t even know what purple shampoo was, going from brown to blonde meant my hair was quite brassy at first and I had no idea how to fix it. After a quick YouTube search, I discover purple shampoo and became hooked. At first, I would use the Pro:voke Touch of Silver but I have recently changed to Fudge Clean Blonde after seeing it on Instagram; currently, I’m loving a more ash blonde rather than a warm blonde and this product makes it really easy to achieve. Although, the Touch of Silver was my go-to for many years previous. They’re both good for different reasons.

Touch Of Silver

I used this purple shampoo for years and it is very good value for money at £3.19 a bottle (200ml). When you first squeeze it out of the bottle it’s quite runny which means it’s great for mixing with a conditioner or another product but it can be quite messy when using it alone. I found that if you rub it between your hands it will foam up and thicken a bit more making it easier to apply to your hair. Touch of Silver is quite weak in comparison to Fudge clean blonde, which is good if you’ve never used purple shampoo before because you don’t need to worry about accidentally making your hair purple. But if you’re after a really ashy look you will need to leave it on for a while which is a downside because I don’t have time to wait 20 minutes for my purple shampoo. Another downside is it can be a little bit drying, although this is the same for many other purple shampoos so following up with a conditioner is important. I would recommend this one for purple shampoo beginners who want a good value product.

Fudge Clean Blonde

I first discovered this product through an Instagram post and it looked like it gave amazing results so I thought I’d give it ago. When I first used it I left it on for 10 minutes and I immediately noticed that my hair was more toned. I used it for 20 minutes once just like how I used the Touch of Silver and it made my hair pretty much silver, I did get some purple patches though so I won’t be trying that again. The recommended 10 minutes is definitely enough for this one. It also foams up as much as a regular shampoo which makes it easy to apply and brush through. It’s not drying either and leaves my hair feeling soft. I would recommend this purple shampoo if you want something that’s quick to use and gives amazing results. It’s slightly more expensive than the Touch of Silver retailing at £10.95 but it’s still cheap in comparison to other brands.

Personally, my preference is the Fudge clean blonde which I use once a week for 10 minutes to keep my hair toned, I love that I can also leave on it for a bit longer if I want my hair more silver.

Have you tried any purples shampoos? Which ones are your favourites?

xoxo – Alice

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