I have no problem spending money, online shopping and next day delivery just make it too easy. But over the last two years of uni, I have learnt a few ways to manage my money better whilst still being able to shop (nearly) as often as I want.

5 Money Saving Tips!

1. Know your limit 
Making myself a proper budget so I know how much disposable income I’ve got each month has been a real game changer. I used this blog post, which I found on Pinterest, to help me. I also move all my money for my rent, phone bill and other monthly costs into a separate bank account so I know exactly what I can spend and will still be able to pay my rent. I also use an app called Fudget to track my spending.

2. Identify areas you’re overspending
At the end of each month, I split my spending into categories and add up the total I spent on each of them and write it down. These categories include things like clothes, makeup, food, travel and socialising. Doing this helps me to identify where I’m spending the most money and work out where I need to save more.

3. Make use of your student discount. 
If you’re a student you need to get Unidays and NUS. (Mostly Unidays though.) They have so many student discounts and offers. All of my favourite clothing websites are on there so I always use my discount to save some mula. You can also get Spotify for half price and 10% off Apple. Whenever I shop I always do a quick search for discounts.
4. Save it for later.
I love to browse clothing apps even if I’m not actually looking to buy anything. I always add things to my wishlist (most shopping apps have this) and by the time I come back to it, it’s usually gone on sale. You can also use an app called Shoptagr which lets you save items you like and select the size you want then they’ll send you an email when the item goes on sale.

5. Never underestimate the sale section.
Admittedly some of the stuff that’s in the sale section you can see why, but there are a few hidden gems in there. I once got 5 pairs of shoes for less than £60 because they were all on sale. Also two of my favourite dresses I got for seriously cheap because they were on sale.

I hope this has been helpful, these things have really helped me to save money and manage it better. Let me know your money saving tips!

xoxo – Alice
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