My Ring Collection & Favourite Websites to Get Affordable (But Boujee Looking) Jewelry

Recently I’ve gotten way more into rings and I’ve found a few websites that have become my go-to’s for boujee looking but affordable jewelry, particularly rings. 

Princess P Jewellery is the best website for extra looking jewelry. I found this website through their Instagram (@queenpee) which I’ve followed for a few years. All the rings look gorgeous and they have so many sparkly statement rings and loads of pieces inspired by celebrities. I have the Sunset ring and Hannah ring. They are based in America though so shipping to the UK takes forever.

This site is a more recent discovery of mine, I came across it through an Instagram (@indigolune) ad. They have a selection of really nice pieces ranging from sparkly jewellery to more boho jewellery. I recently purchased the Princess ring off their site, I wanted a sparkly ring that was a bit smaller and more wearable than my other two and I love it.

If you prefer more boho jewellery then I definitely recommend Shop Dixi. They have loads of bohemian pieces that feature opals and crystals. They also have an Instagram (@shopdixi) that shows off all their pieces. I have the Oberon Snow Opal ring and the Upon Her Thrown ring (both discontinued).

If you have any Jewelry brand recommendations of your own let me know in the comments.

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