Growing Out My Hair the Journey So Far | Lee Stafford Hair Growth range review

Over the last few months I have been on a mission to get my hair to grow past the length it usually gets stuck at. I feel like we all have that length that your hair gets to and then it never seems to surpass it. Mine certainly does and usually when this happens I tend to get bored with it and cut it into a lob. Not this this year though! This year I have decided to let my hair grow and see how long I can get it. So far this process has involved watching tons of videos on how to grow your hair fast (fast because I’m impatient and want long hair now!), trying out new products and attempting to measure my hair (which is always an interesting experience). I thought I would do a little post and take you along on this journey with me and if anyone else is trying to grow their hair out right now as well then I hope you find this post useful.

The first thing I started doing was using some growth increasing products, I had heard of the Lee Stafford line made for hair that never grows past a certain length before and heard lots of positive reviews so I thought I’d give it a go. I decided to get the shampoo, deep conditioning mask, leave in conditioner and hair serum. I’ve also been using the shampoo every time I wash my hair which is 1-2 times a week (depending on what condition it’s in) and I’d say this is one of the products that’s helped the most since it’s used directly on the scalp. The shampoo smells good, makes my hair feel fresh and I’m pretty sure my hair has started growing quicker since using it. As for the deep conditioner I’ve only actually used it about three times so I can’t really comment on it too much, how ever it has made my hair feel softer. The leave in conditioner is great for brushing your hair out after washing and for a boost between washes. I used to be really into leave in conditioners and for some reason stopped using them, I’m glad I’ve added one back to my hair routine now. I do use the serum on my roots though and massage a few drops into my scalp, when I’m being really good with it I flip my head upside down and massage my scalp for 4 minutes since it gets the blood flowing and really helps promote hair growth. I feel this has been a major key since not only is the product helping but the massage is too plus it’s quite relaxing to do at night.

 Verdict: They’re great products and have definitely made a difference so I recommend giving them a try. Don’t expect miracles though because good things take time.

The second thing I’ve been doing it taking vitamins. There’s a lot of gimmicky products on the market but I decided to buy some regular multivitamins designed for skin, hair and nails from Superdrug which do the same job for a cheaper price. Let’s be honest, a vitamin is a vitamin. I take one of these every morning with my breakfast and they’ve not only been helping with my hair but my skin is clearer and my nails have been growing longer and stronger too. When I have stubborn breakouts multivitamins are the only thing that will get rid of them so for me this product is a winner not just for helping my hair but my skin and nails also.

So that’s what’s been working for me so far and I’m pretty happy with the length it’s got to. My goal is to grow it another maybe 2-3 inches which I hoping to do so before Spring/Summer next year. I hope this post has been useful!

Let me know your favourite hair product right now in the comments.

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