♡ DIY Setting Spray – The Best Setting Spray You’ll Ever Use ♡

So recently I ran out of setting spray and thought it would be fun to try and DIY my own. I went online and started doing some research and I found that you really only need 3 ingredients to make a powerful setting spray and it’s super easy to make.

Here’s the loaddown:

The key ingredient here is Glycerin. Glycerin isn’t just for baking cakes it’s also great for your skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, won’t clog your pores, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, attracts moisture to the skin and can even help with acne. Glycerin is used in many moisturisers and it’s like a glue for makeup which is why it works so well in a setting spray. Trust me, if you use plenty of glycerin your makeup isn’t going anywhere.

Aloe Vera is another great ingredient. It contains antioxidants, enzymes and Vitamins A & C. It’s also highly anti-inflammatory and can help treat surface acne.

Rose water is also great for soothing skin, it helps reduce redness, contains antioxidants, hydrates and moisturises creating a glow, the aroma can enhance your mood and relieve anxiety and it’s anti aging.

♡ Benefits of DIYing: 
❥ You can add as much glycerin as you want – the more you add the more staying power. 
❥ You know exactly whats in it – not a bunch of chemicals.
❥ All the ingredients have amazing skincare benefits
❥ The smell of Rose water after doing your make up in the morning will have you feeling amazing
❥ It’s super cheap and actually works better than expensive setting sprays

I’m so glad I decided to try this diy because it does an amazing job keeping everything in place throughout the day and I highly  recommend you give it a go as well. Plus it’s sooo quick and easy to make, what’s not to love.

If you have any good beauty diys let me know in the comments.

XOXO – Alice

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