The Razor You NEED in Your Life – FFS Review

Have you been seeing a lot of razor subscription services being advertised lately?! Because same and since I’m all about making things simpler and easier I decided to give one a go. I did some research into a few of the brands that kept popping up and I decided to try out FFS (which stands for Friction Free Shaving).

Reasons why I chose FFS: 

♡ They’re a 100% cruelty free brand & Leaping Bunny approved

♡ They’re vegan friendly

♡ They’re packaging is 100% recyclable and made from FSC certified cardboard

♡ They have a blade recycling scheme (this was a big reason why I chose them). Just save up 12 blades, put them back in their original packaging and send them back to them. The blades are then ground up to break apart the materials so they can then be recycled (we love an eco brand).

♡ The razors have 6 titanium & diamond coated blades giving you the smoothest shave + they have a vitamin e lubrication strip and a precision trimmer blade for your bikini line.

♡ They have a couple of subscription options depending on how often you shave – a £9.95 monthly service for shaving daily and a £9.95 every two months service for if you shave a couple of times a week. (They send 4 blades each time)

♡ You can get any of their other products delivered to your door every month with your new blades – all their products are cruelty-free and paraben-free.

♡ Their branding is female empowered and inclusive – which I’m so here for

I bought the starter set (£9.95) with a rose handle because I’m a sucker for rose gold. It comes with four blades, a travel case and a holder. You can also have it engraved (which is free), so obviously, I had my name put on it because we love a personal touch. I’m getting new blades delivered every 2 months and I’ve added their wax strips to my order too. They also sell shaving cream, natural deodorants, wax strips and they even have a tanning range.

Before I signed up for FFS I was using disposable razors – bad for the environment and bad for shaving – so going from 3 blades to 6 has been game-changing. My legs are the smoothest they’ve ever been and when you add a thick layer of body butter it makes them soooo smooth. I’ve been loving my new razor and I don’t even have to think about buying razors anymore because they’re delivered straight to my door.

You can shop and find out more about FFS here. I’ve also linked a few of their products below.

Check out my Instagram where I’ll be sharing some of my favourite moisturisers to use post-shave to keep that silky smooothness.

Let me know in the comments if you have/would try FFS

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FFS Beauty small shaving set – rose
FFS Beauty Natural Deodorant | Sensitive & Unscented
FFS Beauty facial wax strips
FFS Beauty Shave Cream
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