About Alice

Frequently Asked Questions

♡ Who is Alice? ♡

Hi I’m Alice, a 20-something from the UK who loves fashion and beauty.  Welcome to my space of the internet! When I’m not creating content I love going to pretty places, playing animal crossing and annoying spending time with my dogs.

♡ What is The Alice May Edit? ♡

The Alice May Edit is a fashion and beauty blog for girls in their twenties who want to feel fabulous and shop with more intention. I believe that when you look good you feel good about yourself and I’m all about using beauty and fashion has tools to feel more confident. I also believe in being more intentional about what we’re buying and where from and want to share that journey in my content.

♡ What’s the story behind The Alice May Edit? ♡

The Alice May Edit was born in 2018 out of boredom, I had a blog from 2012-2016 and I was really missing having a hobby / passion project so I decided to start blogging again. I wanted a place where I could share things I’m passionate about and connect with others who enjoy the same things as me.

♡ How did you come up with the name The Alice May Edit? ♡

The original name of the blog was Alice May (May is my middle name), it turns out my name is more common than I thought so it wasn’t good for SEO. I brainstormed a bunch a names before I finally settled on The Alice May Edit, I got the inspiration from a few other blogs I saw that were The [persons name] Edit. I liked the idea of keeping my name in there since I know I’d get fed up of a screen name.

♡ Where else can I follow you? ♡

My main platform is instagram which you can find here. I’m also on TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube (although I haven’t posted for a while) everything is @thealicemayedit. I also have a Redbubble.


♡ Are you open to collaborations? ♡

I’m open to collaborations that are relevant to the content I create. To find out more contact alice@thealicemayedit.com.