Highlighter has become an essential part of my daily makeup routine. I’ve always loved glowy skin, one of the first foundations I ever bought was Bourjois Healthy Mix and I loved how glowing and healthy it made my skin look. Highlighting/Strobing has been a trend I’ve fully embraced over the last few months and when I started seeing the Iconic London Illuminator drops in makeup tutorials I knew I had to try them. 


There are 4 shades which are: Blush, Glow, Shine and Original. I use the shade Original and it’s honestly one the prettiest shades I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect mix of bronze and gold and it’s light enough for me to make it work with my skin tone, I absolutely love it. It not only adds highlight but I feel like it also adds a bit of bronze as well. The amount of glow it gives is also amazing, you can get a really powerful glow. You can also blend and sheer it out if you want a more subtle glow. I also sometimes wear it when I’m not wearing any makeup to perk my skin up a bit and add some colour. These drops have really helped me take my highlight to another level especially when I layer powder highlights over the top. Something else I love to do is add a few drops to my moisturiser and foundation for an extra glow all over. It also looks really good on the shoulders and collarbone when wearing a sleeveless dress on a night out.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Iconic London Illuminator drops to anyone who loves a good highlight. I’ve also heard Makeup Revolution have some illuminating drops that are similar which I want to try as well (let me know if you’ve tried these and what you thought). 

What’s your favourite highlighter?

xoxo – Alice

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