Six Winter Skincare Products That Are Perfect For Dry Skin (and Affordable) | The Winter Beauty Edit

All my current favourite winter skincare products to help my skin deal with the cold weather.

I have eczema on my hands and when they flared up over the summer when it was really warm, I went to the doctors and she recommended I try Aveeno. I bought the Aveeno lotion and it really helped clear up my hands. If you struggle with dry skin on your hands or body I highly recommend this cream, it also doesn’t have a scent to which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. Another moisturiser that can be used on your hands and body is Lush Dream Cream. I love Lush and this is one of my favourite products by them. Dream Cream is suitable for sensitive skin and will leave it feeling really soft. It does smell quite oaty though but I quite like it.

My lips get so dry and chapped which really annoying but the Blistex Medplus lip balm has really helped them. I put a thick layer on my lips at night and when I wake up they no longer feel dry. I also keep the EOS lip balm in Coconut Milk in my bag to use throughout the day. Not only is the packaging cute but it’s good for on the go since you can apply it straight from the bullet.

Lastly, I’ve been really enjoying using my Garnier Skin Active moisturiser I use this in the morning and it’s not only hydrating but also helps get rid of blemishes. Another Garnier product I love is their Moisture Bomb Night Cream, it’s a gel-cream which means it melts into your skin and feels more lightweight than your typical moisturiser. When I wake up in the morning my skin still feels soft and hydrated; it’s my favourite night cream. 

Let me know what your favourite winter skincare products are in the comments!

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