How to Naturally Contour & Lift Your Face – A Guide To Gua Sha and Face Rollers ♡

When I first heard about facial massage I knew I had to give it a go. It’s a practise in Chinese medicine which I’ve heard referred to as natural botox without the needle and who doesn’t want that. Today we’re going to talk about two facial massage tools the gua sha and a rose quartz roller.

 Gua Sha 

Rather me trying to explain what gua sha is here’s a brief explanation from :

There are two materials which gua shas and face rollers come in: Rose Quartz and Jade.  I personally love Rose Quartz because of the colour,  but apparently it also stays cooler for longer whereas Jade is more adaptive to skin temperature – who knew. Also Rose Quartz lasts longer since Jade is a softer crystal. There’s also a ton of different shapes to choose from and some are designed to specifically target certain areas of the face.


The key things to remember when using a gua sha are:
 1. Always use a face oil first or the gua sha will just drag against your skin (not good). 
2. Always do upward strokes to lift the face – downward strokes will pull the face down.
3. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards to get the full lymphatic draining benefits. 
I showed how I use my Gua Sha in my latest YouTube video which you can click here to watch (also FYI I do 10 strokes on each area of my face).
~The benefits of gua sha ~

*Contours the face

* Drains the lymphatic system and reduces swelling – flushing toxins out of your body ( you have to drink plenty of water for this to work properly)

*Lifts the face

* Can help with skin issues like acne, acne scars, pigmentation & roseacea

* Reduces dark circles

* Increases circulation giving skin more of a glow

* Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

* Can reduce headaches

* Can reduce neck pain

*Reduces anxiety and is a great way to unwind before bed – put on some spa music for extra relaxation.
♡ Face Rollers ♡

Face rollers are also great for facial massage but they’re not as powerful as a gua sha. They also come in Rose Quartz and Jade and most of them are double ended with a larger roller for the face and a smaller one to get under the eyes. I like to keep mine in the freezer so it’s extra cold when I use it on my 
face in the morning.
~ Benefits of a face roller ~
* Improves circulation, brightening the skin
* Decreases puffiness (great for getting rid of puffy morning face)
* Cools and soothes skin (especially if you keep it in the freezer)
* When used over a face oil or moisturiser it can help the product sink 8 layers deeper into the skin. (It’s also great to use with sheet masks.)
Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried a gua sha or a face roller.
XOXO – Alice
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